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How to get the most out of a project management software

November 23, 2018 | Posted by Adsl-Hq

Project management is an essential part of any business. Big corporations rely on professionals who can manage their IT projects efficiently and control the cost. Its importance is so much so that a typical IT consultant company also offers IT project management service. But even proficient IT managers cannot efficiently handle a project without putting in use some or the other software solutions.
Today, there is an array of PM software available in the market that can offer an efficient project management solution, but odds are you will still face project failure if the software is not adequately used. IT technicians atIT solutions and managed services companies are skilled at putting this software into use and maximize the result.

But even non-technical personnel can ensure that PM software is used at its best by following these steps.

Begin by evaluating your needs:
All project management software is made to perform differently. Thus, it is essential to determine the purpose to use PM software. It should be the first step to understand what kind of project collaboration business is seeking out for.

Go for cloud-based services:
As cloud technology advances, more and more companies are turning towards cloud computing. As of now, over 60% of business innovators and tech leaders are vouching for the technology. And why not? With so much to offer, cloud-based PM software has provided managers with ease of deploying plans and monitoring them while keeping cost down.

Ease of use should be a priority:
With a lot of project management tools and solutions available in the market, there is no need for businesses to stick to PM software that is hard to manage and operate. It is best to go for a PM software that aligns well with the needs and requirements of the business and is intuitive at some level.
Moreover, having a PM solution that has a flexible user interface makes the process of PM transparent and more efficient. Make sure that the solution you have purchased allows you to organize your projects into manageable formats.

Select a software solution that provides scalability:
When investing in PM software, make sure that it is compatible with advancements having in the field of technology. It should be functional in the future as well. It is easy to procure project management software but implementing it into the business is the real task. As a project manager, consider opting for solutions that only scales but also offers features that can be used in the future.

Select PM Software that offers topnotch vendor support
Businesses today compete on the basis of consumer service they provide to their consumers. When dealing dynamic consumer pool of today, most companies find it hard to handle them all at once. When choosing software to manage your project, look for the vendor who has over the top reputation amongst consumers. Go for the one who you can rely on during the time of crises.

Information Technology

How Often Should You Test Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

October 23, 2018 | Posted by Adsl-Hq

Businesses and information technology companies in Virginia know that it is imperative to have a backup plan and disaster recovery solution in place. Many of these companies provide MSPs who ensure that there is a proper disaster plan in place that can counter any data security issue arising in today’s dynamic business world. But IT professional would also agree that merely having a plan cannot help a business protect its critical data if the plan is it not tested and verified regularly. Thus, it is essential to figure out how often a business’s disaster recovery plan should be checked and tested? Given the significance of having an effective disaster recovery plan, IT professionals suggest testing the strategy now and then. However, many businesses, in particular, the small ones perform the disaster recovery plan test once a year or never. Besides putting affords into formulating a data recovery plan, it is imperative to ensure if it will work as desired in an emergency or not. However, it has been observed that most small businesses lack the resources even to put up a data recovery strategy let alone test it. Top IT companies provide MSP service that comes with affordable Data Recovery Plan with DR testing.

Why is DR testing important?

As stated above, despite knowing the importance of Data Recovery Plan testing, many businesses fail to recognize its significance and succumb to un-announced emergency and disaster. With no examination of the DR strategy, a company would have no idea if the plan will work or not. It would be hard to assess at what length the strategy can recover the data. With onsite testing of the DR plan, MSPs would be in a better position to identify and address any loophole in the plan that might hamper full data recovery. Many businesses chose to adopt a break-fix approach when it comes to IT. But if one wants to safeguard his business from the loss that can be caused by extended downtimes, this approach can prove to be deadly for the company. Proper testing of the backup plan helps to ensure that all the elements of DR are working in harmony and it further supports the business to continue its operations with success.

How often should a business undertake DR plan testing?

But the most important question remains how often a business should test its DR plan? The answer is more often than ever before. With DR plan testing, the more you do, the better it is for the business. Going over the data recovery plan over and over will only end up you being better prepared for the real disaster. Many information technology companies in Virginia provide DR testing services as part of their MSP offerings. They ensure that the system is keeping a backup of all the data and storing it properly.

How can a business improve DR preparedness?

To make a business ready to face any disaster, it is essential to have a Disaster Recovery Plan in place. Every IT firm has their procedure for devising a strategic plan to counter the case of data loss during a significant disaster. After setting the plan in place, it is tested to examine its efficiency. Regular testing of the plan only ensures whether the position is working or not but it also allows businesses to modify the plan as per the analytical result of testing the plan.




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